"Sanitary Solutions For The Transportation, Healthcare & Hospitality Industries"

Gliptone Manufacturing Inc., established in 1947, is a trusted chemical manufacturer with over 600 active formulations targeting the automotive and transportation industry.

Cleaning and protecting interior and exterior surfaces with best in class products and processes has been our expertise for over 73 years.

This extensive experience in chemistry and a strong desire to contribute to the world’s growing demand for safe and effective sanitizing and disinfecting products, facilitated a natural transition to develop Glipsan™ Sanitary Solutions.

The Glipsan™ product range is a stand-alone range of highly effective products built to create safe and sanitary surfaces free of viruses, germs and bacteria.

Designed for sanitary cleaning, protecting and deodorizing applications across all industries, including: Automotive and Transportation, Professional, Industrial, Medical, Hospitality, Housing, Sporting and so much more.

Glipsan™ Sanitary Solutions ensure safe and healthy surfaces with environmentally correct, user-friendly products guaranteed to get the job done.