NATURAL, Sanitary Cleanser. 'Ready-To-Use' - 1 gallon

NATURAL, Sanitary Cleanser. 'Ready-To-Use' - 1 gallon

NATURAL, Sanitary Cleanser. 'Ready-To-Use' 22 ounce consumer pack

*GLIPSAN™ NATURAL, Sanitary Cleanser.

'Ready-To-Use', fresh citrus scented, santiary, multi-purpose, hard surface
cleaner containing naturally derived ingredients. Safe on skin and all surfaces yet extremely effective as sanitary cleaner for offices, waiting rooms, showrooms, desks, countertops, car interiors, door knobs, plastic and metal surfaces.

Packed: 22oz spray, 6/cs, 100 cs/pallet

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GLIPSAN™ NATURAL is a safe, highly effective, "Ready-To-Use" Multi-Purpose, Sanitary cleaner featuring an energizing citrus aroma. For use on hard surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, rubber, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, etc. 
GLIPSAN™ NATURAL satisfies a wide range of sanitary cleaning applications within the automotive, marine, aviation, professional health care, medical housing centers, hotels, restaurant, community centers, event centers, cafeterias, auditoriums, household and industrial markets.
Containing Hydrogen Peroxide and naturally derived cleansers including antimicrobial content to create sanitary conditions while contributing excellent cleaning action for a wide range of mild to moderate soils, stains and odors from high traffic Ôtouch pointsÕ such as:
Office furniture, waiting rooms, showrooms, desks, metal, plastic, vinyl or wood seating surfaces, countertops, car interiors including shift knobs, steering wheels, door handles, hard plastic, dashboards, consoles, elevator interiors, dining tables, shelving units, handrails, etc. 
GLIPSAN™ NATURAL creates clean, stain free, deodorized and sanitary surfaces. Excellent for daily maintenance. Non-Caustic, earth and human friendly formula. 
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Package 22 ounce consumer pack (650.6ml)
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